Latest Innovations in Minimally Invasive Piles Treatment

Have you ever experienced the discomfort and inconvenience of piles? You’re not alone. Piles, or haemorrhoids, are a common condition affecting millions worldwide. Piles are caused when the veins (the blood vessels) in the lower rectum or anus gets swollen and inflamed, leading to symptoms like pain, itching, and bleeding. Traditional treatments for piles often involve invasive surgery, which can be daunting for many patients. But did you know there are now minimally invasive treatments that are effective, less painful, and quicker recovery times?

Minimally invasive treatments for piles have revolutionized the field, offering patients new hope and relief. These advanced procedures are designed to minimize the trauma and recovery time associated with traditional surgery. Let’s explore the latest advancements in these treatments and understand why Zymus Hospital stands out as a top choice for them.

Understanding Piles

Before we explore the latest treatments, we must understand what piles are and why they occur. Piles can be internal or external:

  • Internal Piles: which develop inside the rectum and are usually not visible. They can cause painless bleeding during the bowel movements.
  • External Piles: forms under the skin around the anus and are very painful, especially if a blood clot forms within the hemorrhoid (thrombosed haemorrhoid).

Factors contributing to piles include chronic constipation, straining during bowel movements, prolonged sitting, obesity, pregnancy, and a low-fiber diet. The symptoms of piles range from mild discomfort to severe pain and bleeding.

The Rise of Minimally Invasive Treatments

Traditional surgical methods like hemorrhoidectomy (removal of haemorrhoids) have been effective but come with significant drawbacks, including pain, long recovery periods, and potential complications. Minimally invasive treatments address these issues by offering less painful and quicker recovery options. Here are some of the latest advancements in this field:

1. Rubber Band Ligation

Rubber band ligation is a popular and effective treatment for internal haemorrhoids. During this technique, a small rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid, cutting off the blood supply to it. The hemorrhoid then shrinks and falls off within a week. This procedure is comparatively painless and can be performed as an outpatient procedure.

  • Benefits: Quick, minimal discomfort, effective for internal haemorrhoids.
  • Drawbacks: It is unsuitable for external haemorrhoids, and there is possible mild discomfort post-procedure.

2. Sclerotherapy

During sclerotherapy a sclerosing agent is injected deep into the haemorrhoid tissue, causing it to shrink. This procedure is particularly effective for small to medium-sized internal haemorrhoids.

  • Benefits: Quick, minimal pain can be repeated if necessary.
  • Drawbacks: Less effective for larger haemorrhoids, the potential for minor bleeding or discomfort.

3. Infrared Coagulation (IRC)

Infrared coagulation uses infrared light to coagulate the blood vessels supplying the haemorrhoid, causing it to shrink. This procedure is typically used for small—to medium-sized internal haemorrhoids and can be performed in a doctor’s office.

  • Benefits: Quick, minimal discomfort, effective for more minor haemorrhoids.
  • Drawbacks: Multiple sessions may be required but unsuitable for large haemorrhoids.

4. Doppler-Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (DGHAL)

DGHAL is an advanced technique that uses a Doppler probe to identify the blood vessels supplying haemorrhoids. These vessels are then ligated (tied off) to reduce the blood flow, causing the haemorrhoid to shrink. This method is effective for both internal and external haemorrhoids.

  • Benefits: Minimally invasive, less pain, effective for larger haemorrhoids.
  • Drawbacks: It requires specialized equipment and is more expensive than other treatments.

5. Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty is a cutting-edge procedure that uses laser energy to shrink hemorrhoidal tissue. The laser’s precision allows for targeted treatment with minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

  • Benefits: Minimal pain, quick recovery, effective for all haemorrhoid grades.
  • Drawbacks: It requires specialized equipment and has a higher cost.

Why Choose Zymus Hospital for Piles Treatment?

When considering treatment for piles, choosing the right hospital is crucial. Zymus Hospital stands out for several reasons:

  • Expertise and Experience: Zymus Hospital boasts a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists in minimally invasive procedures for piles. Here the expertise ensures that patients receive the best possible care.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: The hospital has the latest technology and equipment, allowing for advanced treatments like Doppler-Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation and Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty.
  • Patient-Centered Care: At Zymus Hospital, patient comfort and satisfaction are top priorities. The medical team provides personalized care, meeting each patient’s unique needs.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Plans: Zymus Hospital offers a range of minimally invasive treatments tailored to the severity and type of haemorrhoids, ensuring each patient’s most influential and least invasive solution.
  • Positive Outcomes: Patients treated at Zymus Hospital report high satisfaction rates, quick recovery times, and significant relief from symptoms.

Minimally invasive treatments for piles offer significant advancements, providing practical, less painful, and quicker recovery options compared to traditional surgery. Procedures such as Rubber Band Ligation, Sclerostherapy, Infrared Coagulation, Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation, and Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty give patients multiple choices tailored to their needs and condition severity.

Choosing the best hospital for piles treatment is crucial. Zymus Hospital stands out for its advanced, patient-centered care. With experienced specialists, state-of-the-art methods, and a commitment to patient satisfaction, Zymus Hospital ensures optimal care for each patient.

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